ZRP Metal Fusion Technologies Corp.

ZRP Metal Fusion Technologies Corp.

Industries Serviced


·        Commercial

·        Mechanical

·        Refrigeration

·        Oil, Gas & Coal

·        Farm


Scope of Services


We specialize in fabrication, design, construction, repair

and maintenance of:


·        Shop Piping Fabrication

·        Hot Tap Fittings

·        Commercial Heating & Cooling

·        Vessels

·        Structural

·        Equipment / Trailer Repair

·        Steel Fencing

·        Custom Gates


We also provide the following services:


·        Hot Tap Welding

·        Polyfusion Welding

·        Creation, execution and testing of procedures

·        Emergency Service available 24 hours A Day, 7 Days A Week


All physical and chemical qualification tests, non-destructive testing will be subcontracted to recognized materials testing laboratories.


Engineering services are also available through a dedicated relationship with an engineering company specialized in the industry.


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Services Provided
Hot Tap Welding
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