ZRP Metal Fusion Technologies Corp.

ZRP Metal Fusion Technologies Corp.

Hot Tap Welding


Hot taps allow for a new branch connection without shutdown of the piping system.  These are performed under working pressure without interruption of service; hence, this type of weld is often referred to as welding on ‘live’ lines.  Hot taps are generally performed on carbon, stainless and galvanized steel and can be performed on angles, elbows, tanks, vessels, etc.


We provide the welding services required for this high intensity precision work.  We have qualified welders to the Z662 and B31.3 codes.  We have provided our services on critical lines such as 16” .125 wall at 1000 psi with a sales gas medium.  Also lines containing N.G.L., butane, ethane, propane, light oil, heavy oil, crude, sour gas, sweet gas, water, flare gas, steam, condensate, glycol and diesel.  We look forward to all of the future challenges.

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Hot Tap Welding
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